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Water Damage Restoration

It's devastating to see your home after water damage. Just a pipe burst can soak floors, walls, or ceilings, never mind the damage that sewage or a backed-up sump pump could cause to your basement. When it happens to your property, you may not know what to do first. Just remember this: you don't need to face your water damage alone.

UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville can be by your side at every stage of the cleanup and restoration. Just give us a call on our emergency hotline. Our phones are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so anytime you discover water damage you can get your recovery started right away.

Why Experts Restore Water Damage ASAP

When water is inside a building, it eventually will make its way into structural materials, whether it's a wall cavity or the subfloor. You might not even be able to find every place that's wet. You can't let the water dry naturally, because it might take too long.

You only have 48 hours. Just 48 hours before mold spores will start growing in moist building materials and in your home or office furnishings, like rugs, carpets, and furniture. Presence of mold at the first 48 hours can be confirmed only by professional mold testing.

Our experienced technicians get started right away with emergency water removal. They pull the extra water from carpets so they'll be able to dry in time. They remove any porous materials, like drywall, that will be difficult to dry and decontaminate. In this way, UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville hopes to help you avoid mold problems completely.

The Water Damage Recovery Process

Flood Damage ProWater damage restoration combines craft with science to help recover you. With high capacity dehumidifiers, sanitizing processes and supplies, and professional drying equipment, UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville will make sure that your property is clean and dry before you know it.

Putting in an insurance claim? We'll work with any insurance company you do, and document the damage and the restoration for an easy, carefree claims process.

Don't wait any longer. Call UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville today for a complete water damage restoration.

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