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1. How Much Does It Cost to Have Professional Carpet Cleaning Done?

We do not have a specific price package for our carpet cleaning services. The price depends on various factors that may include the area of your carpet, how much work it needs, and the fabric. You can Get An Estimate from us by filling out the estimate form to get estimated pricing from our office.

2. Can Steam Cleaning Be Harmful to The Rugs or Upholstery?

Generally, local rug cleaners who use steam cleaning methods may end up using harmful chemicals on top of that. This may make your rug or sofa neat and clean, but it takes away its quality. So, many cleaners do not have a comprehensive idea of steam cleaning. That is why it tends to be harmful to your rug or upholstery. But at UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville, we know how to use it properly. Also, we use very gentle techniques which leave them unchanged and spotlessly clean.

3. Do We Use Organic Cleaning Products?

Yes. We use organic cleaning products to deliver a smooth, soft, and brand-new-looking rug to your doorstep. These chemical-free products ensure that your rug does not lose its natural quality. They also produce less air pollution, so they are naturally eco-friendly and safe. Unlike other harmful chemicals that may increase health problems at your place, organic cleaning products reduce them. So, you can have a cleaner carpet experience and a healthier home. Moreover, green cleaning products improve the longevity of your beautiful carpets and make them a timeless classic at your home.

4. How Do We Clean Leather Sofa or Couch?

Even if you vacuum your leather sofa once a week, it won't make a big difference. It requires a professional cleaning every six months. We start by removing all the dirt, dust, debris and stains from the leather couch. Generally, after this process, we use water on fabrics to clean them properly, but not for leather. Since water can be harmful to leather, we use protective products instead that keep it moisturized. Finally, as per the stains and spots, we make sure to use gentle tools and equipment to get them off your upholstery.

5. What Steps Does Our Mattress Cleaning Include?

Here's a quick overview about our mattress cleaning process:

We collect all the tools and cleaning products we will need. Sometimes it depends on the situation what to choose. We use mattress steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, to thoroughly clean and renew your mattress. Each case is individual so we are gentle with the fabric throughout the process. Don't be afraid to rely on us.

6. Which Is Better - Steam or Deep Cleaning?

Both are different in their separate ways so drawing out a comparison is not a good idea. Both steam and deep cleaning are hot water extraction processes. However, deep cleaning is more intensive. Thus, it requires more time to perform and is more effective at removing difficult stains.

Here are the shared benefits of both steam and deep cleaning:

  1. Uses minimal chemicals
  2. An eco-friendly alternative
  3. Carpet or upholstery dries quickly.
  4. Extends the life of your carpet and upholstered furniture
  5. Improves carpet durability
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