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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Your Carpets And Your Indoor Air

Carpet cleaning is important from a visual standpoint, everybody recognizes that. But there are underlying reason to clean your carpets that are just as important if not more important. Your carpets essentially act as a sponge, absorbing all the excess dust particles and with them the allergens and pathogens that were mentioned above. A deposit of dust and pollutants is created in the bottom of your carpet and it's padding, and the quality of your indoor air quickly deteriorates. UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville, Can help you avoid that by using our industrial strength machinery to clean and take out all of that dust and grime from deep inside your carpets. Your carpets will look great and your indoor air will be much cleaner for it.

Pet Stain Specialists

Our Specialty at UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville is removal of deep stains and odors. Pet stains are a common example for those types of stains that also emit a lingering odor. Our Enzyme based cleaning products are non-toxic, non-chemical pet friendly solutions which will completely eliminate the pet stain and even more importantly, that nasty odor. We're also great at taking out other deep stains, such as grease stains, juice spills, heavy foot traffic, food stains and many more.

Carpet Cleaning

Eco - Friendly products

Here at UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville, we treat your health with the highest regard! Your home is your sanctuary, and getting it professionally cleaned shouldn't have to mean making use of hazardous chemical and cleaning agents that could provoke allergies, or in any way jeopardize the health of your children or pets. So you enjoy optimal cleaning results without worrying about harming your loved ones or the environment!

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