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Air Duct Cleaning

Good Health Starts At Home

Much is being said about air pollution and the dangers associated with it. While there's not too much you can do to control the air you breathe when you're outside, there is plenty you can do to ensure clean indoor air. Studies have determined that the average American can spend up to 85% of his time indoors.

If we're not mindful of the air we breathe, it is likely to have a very detrimental effect on our health in the form of allergies, respiratory problems, headaches, and various other potential health issues. Those are caused by the dust mites, dust particles, pollens, germs, bacteria, pet dander and hair, debris and other pathogens.


Health and efficiency

Dustless Duct - Air duct cleaning The EPA recognizes unclean air ducts as a leading cause in air contamination. So let UCM Carpet Cleaning Centreville take care of that for you in cooperation with the experts for air duct cleaning from Dustless Duct. Our top of the line service starts with a special camera inserted into the ducts to let you and our technicians see exactly what's going on in there. We then use our industrial strength equipment to suck out all of the excess dirt and debris. It'll leave your air ducts nice and clean. It will prolong your system's life and increase its efficiency, therefore reducing your electricity bill, and of course, keep you in good health!

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What's Hiding In Your Air Ducts?

The first thing that comes to mind regarding indoor air is your AC or heating unit, and with good reason. Your air ducts are of the utmost importance for keeping you warm, cool, and just as important, keeping you healthy. Your air ducts accumulate a lot of dust and other debris, filled with dust mites and many other allergens and germs, which then gets circulated around your home. In some cases, when moisture is involved, it could even become host for mold or rodent infestation.

We are very poorly versed in rodents and can only advise getting a cat. But we are well aware of how to deal with mold. If you suspect mold in the house, which means you need to make sure where it is and what it is. For this we offer mold testing and removal services in Centreville.

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